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Isabel stallings

Range: Mezzo-Soprano/Belt


Independent Features and Shorts

Worked To Death                                         Arabella                                                   Skye Film Studios - dir: Sahvannah Henry

Nora Clairmont Kills the President    Whitney                                                    Archetypes Productions

The Biggest Little                                       Daisy (Lead)                                           dir: Erica Kennedy

Here To There                                               Melanie                                                     co-creators: Chris Lunz and Len Klatt (Web Series)

You’re Hired                                                   Bartender (Featured)                        Rickey Teems Productions


Dodge College of Film and Media Arts

Shifted                                                          Ash (Lead)                                                dir: Ellie Knight

'Till Locks Do Us Part                             Mabel (Lead)                                           dir: Justin Stirewalt

Crush                                                             Ally (Lead)                                                dir: Kalina Winstead

Daddy Issues (IP)                                      Gracie (Lead)                                         dir: Bianca Bonetti

Recipes for Disaster                              Hostess (Featured)                              dir: Willa Rydall

Stalker                                                           Lucy (Lead)                                             dir: Evan Baher-Murphy



Somebody, Somewhere

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Horse Girls                               

A Midsummer Night’s Dream  

Theory of Relativity


Mount Olympus        


Fucking Feminists                  

The Tempest                      

Chapman Celebrates 2018          

Crazy For You                      

Almost, Maine                    


Sweet Charity                            

A Chorus Line                        



Young Woman

Fairy/Helena US and Titania US

Tiffany Gesuvia  



Ensemble Member        

Female Actor                





Irene Roth     


Tammie                                                  Ensemble



Will Geer's Theatricum Botanicum          dir: Ellen Geer

City Garage Theatre 

Will Geer's Theatricum Botanicum.        dir: Melora Marshall                  

Chapman University                  

Musco Center for the Arts                           dir: Tom Bradac

Chapman University                                       dir: Matt McCray

Chapman University                                       dir: Oanh Nguyen

Loudmouth Theatricals          

Chapman University                                       dir: Marya Mazor

Chapman University                  

Chapman Univeristy                 

Chapman University                                       dir: Matt McCray

The Kinkaid School                  

The Kinkaid School                    

The Kinkaid School                   

Stagedoor Manor                      

The Kinkaid School                   

The Kinkaid School                  


BFA, Chapman University

​Professors: Tom Bradac, Michael Nehring, Jay Scully, Nick Gabriel, Tamiko Washington, Wendy Kurtzman

Vocal Coaches: Jack Beetle, Lauren Ruhl, Lisa Borik

Acting Coaches: Madeleine Potter (High Comedy), Michael Nehring, Nick Gabriel, Tamiko Washington, Justin Doran

On-Camera: Jay Scully

Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern: Krissy Richmond

Theatre Academy at FSU London

Stage Combat: Rachael Bown-Williams RC-Annie

Dialects: Johnathan Dowes (English RP traditional, imperial, and contemporary, Cockney, Irish)


Diana Castle Introductory Workshop - The Imagined Life 2022

Will Geer's Theatricum Botanicum: Professional Acting Internship (April-October 2022)

Rodney Cottier Shakespeare Workshop 2022

Stage Combat Certification with Rachael Bown Williams RC ANNIE – Theatre Academy of London 2020

Samuel Beckett Workshop with Ian Woolridge – Theatre Academy of London 2020

Stagedoor Manor (1st Session) – 2015, 2016, Players Ensemble Member (1st Session 2016)

University of Southern California Acting Intensive Summer Program (2017)

Alley Theatre - Literary Internship (Winter 2018), Playmakers Internship (Assistant Teaching Artist; Summer 2018)

Chance Theatre: Speak Up Teens Internship (Assistant Teaching Artist; Summer 2019)

Special Skills

Dialects (Southern Drawl, British – RP and Cockney, Scottish, Russian), Fight Training Experience, Improvisation, Stella Adler Impression; Singing (Mezzo Soprano/Belt); Instruments: Acoustic Guitar; Texas Driver’s License; Valid Passport

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